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Konak >CRVENA JABUKA< in the most beautiful welcome for our dear guests, investing effort in another very beautiful and interesting activity. It is a domestic production of a variety of fruit drinks. Besides accommodation, rest and relaxation, we can offer a variety of drinks that are made by local recipes, no sugar and water. 100% natural fruit juice!

With love we have cared for the young fruit trees many years, and finaly we are in the phase of fruit processing and production different kinds of fruit drinks which, as we have mentioned, no sugar and additional tinge of aroma, color and water, but is used only fruit juice that is squeezed directly from the fruit itself, which is very important. Produced with love and knowledge in which we have invested a huge effort. Except fruit drinks, we can offer you a spirit drinks made to traditional recipes of our town. The spirit drinks as well as fruit drinks made by local recipe, with huge effort and time, but with amazing results. During the years we were convinced that this is a very useful time spent. Every year we grow new plants with new types of fruit that we want to surprise you next year. If you are liked our products, we will discover the secret and show you the recipe and how we made such amazing taste. Besides all the natural beauty that surrounds our landscape, the beauty which you will primarily rest your body and mind, "Crvena jabuka" for our guests we have an open bar in the ground floor. Moments are characterized by peace, comfort and aesthetics. Welcome, enjoy and relax in the comfort of our rooms. We are expecting you.

Here you can spend days in peace and rest as you like, because you are insured by
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