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A quiet place, natural idyll, comfortable accommodation and availability of entertainment and tourist attractions are the words that best describe Konak Crvena Jabuka. The best example of a beautiful idyll are many guests who have many years of visits to show whether they are satisfied with our offer. For all our guests we provide a magnificent oasis of peace for many years. We offer superior service bed, living room for relaxing, or stay on for several days with a rich gastronomic restaurant for guests only. Many years of life experience gained working in the profession, that is our primary recommendation, and our offer is primarily based on quality. Accommodation is arranged by the high standards of the hotel and catering activities complemented by the atmosphere of the family tradition wich offers various services, but our offer depends on you also.
Note: "Konak means lodging, but it comes at the time of Ottoman empire wich represented a house of respectable man, castle of governor or house of any other Turkish high administrative or military commander. At that time also, Konak meant a parts of house where male members of family were resting." Now, we are especially pleased that we are able to present to you via the Internet. Please pay attention for Konak « CRVENA JABUKA », one of the most distinguished accommodation in the town of Kljuc. On these web pages you will find basic information about the our offer, and a lot interesting and useful facts about our beautiful town and its surroundings. No matter which way you want to go out of our place you will remember an unforgettable experience, becouse there are a large number of cultural and historical sights that are best visited during the walk trough the town.

Kljuc is small pretty town located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the south of Una Sana Canton, known by the name "Bosanska Krajina". The town is situated on modern road M-5, which connects it with neighboring municipalities, Bosanski Petrovac and Mrkonjic Grad, western Europe, Adriatic coast and Middle East through Sarajevo. On the north side is connected to the municipality of Sanski Most. Before the war, the municipality is occupied area of 844 km2 based on the 1991 census. At that time the population was 37.391, and municipality of Kljuc was one of the larger municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and according to the size of forest areas occupied third place in the former state. However, in addition to the wealth of natural resources, municipality of Kljuc was still belonged to the underdeveloped municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the Dayton Agreement the area of municipality of Kljuc was reduced by about 37% compared the municipality before the war, and now, amounts to about 365 km2 . Northern and northwestern part of the municipality with the urban part of town was annexed to the federation of BiH. Today the municipality has a population of 18,180, 4960 households in 10 local communities.

Besides all the natural beauty that surrounds our landscape, the beauty which you will primarily rest your body and mind, "Crvena jabuka" for our guests has an open bar in the ground floor. Moments are characterized by peace, comfort and aesthetics.. It is possible to rent a conference room with a balcony or garden. All rooms have a separate luxury bathroom, tv with satellite channels, central heating and access to wireless internet throughout the building. Konak Crvena Jabuka has seven rooms, two triple rooms, four bed rooms if needed, and five double rooms wich may be single rooms also. Rooms have a fantastic view to nature that you can only imagine. In front of the building there is a parking where you can safely park your vehicle. In our complex, which exudes cleanliness we have built all our welcome and a maximum of professional and friendly relationship for all our guests. Welcome, enjoy and relax in the comfort of our rooms.

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